Friday, September 14, 2012

We Poems

Today we discussed the novel We and the reliability of our narrator, D-503. Students received the following assignment which is due Monday: We 10pts Complete both of the following tasks: 1. Ode to OneState: You are to compose a poem either in honor of OneState, The Benefactor, or the beauty of mathematics. The poem must be of a nature that if a Guardian were to read it, you would not face the machine as a result. The structure and style of the poem must also be consistent with the style and structure of OneState. Requirements: • The poem must rhyme • The poem must have 4 quatrains • The lines should be approximately the same length (you don’t want any lines longer than the rest; that would be chaos!). • It must speak of your subject in a very loving manner • 8 ½ X 11 • Typed • Centered top to bottom and right to left. • Try NOT to use figurative language 2. Poem of Rebellion: You are to compose a poem of a rebellious nature. This does not necessarily mean it has to be about rebellion. In OneState, writing from inspiration IS rebellion. You may choose the subject and follow any style you like. Make it as chaotic as possible. In other words, you want to be headed for the machine because of this one. Requirements: • Any structure is acceptable • The paper should look chaotic. If D-503 were to read it, it should drive him nuts. • Similar in length to the first poem.

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